Superfood powders are an easy way of incorporating essential nutrients into your diet in a convenient form.  They are taken to improve general health, improve the look of your hair and your skin, for weight loss, for its antioxident properties, or to combat diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol and for detoxification.

Superfood powders are usually combinations of many dried and powdered plants, herbs and dried fruit and vegetables, and often incorporate ingredients that are very effective but unfamiliar up to now.

A powder will often include things like

  • ashwaganda (for stress),
  • turmeric or curcumin (an antioxidant),
  • coconut (for potassium),
  • moringa (for amino acids, iron and vitamin A),
  • chlorella (for protein and polyunsaturated fats),
  • schisandra (for liver and memory), spirulina (for iron, calcium and protein) and
  • matcha (another antioxidant and stress reducer)

These powders are taken mixed with water, milk, or soymilk, usually first thing in the morning for maximum benefits.  They are usually completely organic. While originally many superfood powders had an off-putting taste, most popular superfood powders now taste so good most people have no trouble incorporating them into their diet.


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